It’s not your religion It’s your tea !

tell me your favourite tea and I’ll tell you who you are.

Fanaticism has been taken to a new level , not religions nor your football team instead it’s your cup of tea.

Are you milking it or not ?.

Beside the immemorial battle between the coffee and tea, Team tea milk and black tea doesn’t seem to be a big fan of each other.


And what can be a better example than  where I live ! In my house we are divided into two teams, team tea milk and team black tea.

Me, my 3 aunts are team black tea on the other hand my grandmother, uncle and my mother are the opposite team.

And of course as changing your religion  is a big step no one dares to break the eleventh commandment by changing their tea type and joining the opposite team.

but what makes those teams different ?

As a black team member I had noticed a lot of differences between the team members.


Black tea team members are more practical not just younger Beside they look at everything in a critical eye.

But more likely to suffer from headache if they didn’t have their black tea.

On the contrary I found out that tea milk members are more calm and could contain their emotions beside they are wiser than the other team.

when it comes to the tea drinking time we both teams drink our tea at the same time, once in the morning and once in the evening beside some occasional cups at the afternoon .

Now that you are a part of a certain religion, you have your favourite football team, and obviously not team coffee!

What’s your favourite tea is it black tea or you are milking it ?


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