Speaker 1 : “Oh my god her accent is so hideous ”
Speaker 2 : ” I know ! why dont she work on that bad accent of hers !”      

Well who doesn’t know this  ” hideous ”

scenario , we have all heard it at some point or even been a part of it !            

but have anyone ever wondered why ? is it because we all should speak perfect english and perfect the language as a second -nature ?
   No doubt that languages are important and you should try at some point to  speak two languages preferably English to be one of both since English  is revolutionary language used in many fields for instance education, business and even cinema indusrty .      
you have to know the basic english, infact a fluent english turned out to be  a must these days to  be able to communicate but the accent ?! . pronouncing a word differently doesn’t make it wrong or kills the purpose of the word Then Why so serious ? .

it happened that i noticed this alot poeple are aggressive when  it comes to the accent like some comment i read in youtube about how hideous the accent of the speaker was but why ?


No comment !

hes not supposed to speak the language of others just as they do he definatley has a first language that affects his accent because even the natives has different accents does it make unacceptable or hideous ? for sure not and if you say yes you should probably teach thousands of people your favourite accent so its not hideous anymore .

    degrading people just by their accent isn’t acceptable because they are not supposed to speak others languages if they aren’t capable or even dont want after all its a matter of choice and everyone knows what they want.

it all goes back to how we place ourselves in a judging place and judge each other but no one claims to be a judge unless he’s certain that he know best about something so does it mean that everyone who judges someone’s accent his accent is the best ?
definitely not simply because theres no right or wrong its a matter of background and how  everyone is influenced by his origin or background.

Summing this up accents are different and theres no such a things as  hideous accent , so the next time your judging someones accent why not  start an accents contest and be the judge then choose your favourite !

That was one of my occasional not movie indusrty related post.
please leave your comment to show your thoughts.



  1. Earthly Water Company says:

    Good article.
    Well, in my opinion anyone who learns other language other then his / her native language will have some sort of accent, even if they speak the second language fluently.
    No one should be ridiculed and laughed at, it is very natural.

    International employees often provide key knowledge and skills that are critical to a business’ success. When international employees struggle to communicate clearly and effectively with peers or customers, however, it can affect a company’s bottom line.

    The solution to that issue can be; Accent modification training, it can provide unique solutions to all the problems without making someone feel bad.


    Liked by 1 person

    • banbonally says:

      Thats a great thing to point out !
      when it comes to business and international employees if accent gets in the way of communicating it becomes a problem thats need to be solved but anyway international employees are trained for example call center employees they can communicate clearly no matter their nationality is.
      thanks for taking time to read and share your thoughts !


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