How Bollywood and Hollywood present the arab man .


a picture from movie lawerance ofarabia

It seems as though Bollywood and Hollywood movie directors are still stuck on an era where the arab man still dresses like lawerance of arabia and uses camels as trasport despite being rich as hell  beside keeping on mind that they still buy women.

for years now both Hollywood & Bollywood present the arab man in the same way .

First of all let me define the arab man, the arab man is a man from an arab ethnic speaks arabic and belongs to an arab country.

getting back to how bollywood and hollywood view the arab man, in movies we often see arab men wearing a piece of cloth over the head not making any effort to tidy it, over it comes a Gutra wrapped around the head actually its four golden Gutras like the one you  would see in movies such as lawerance of arabia or Alaaldin beside the Thawb and also wrapped around the waist a belt , on the hands comes a sword ready to cut anyones head at any given moment.

this is basically how H&B movies view the arab man and its a very silly image that only a 9 years old  kid would think of  and from what i see all movies are directed by  9 years old kid.

now you would be wondering whats disturbing about this image heres what.      
first thing is that it reflects a lack of knowledge on this side especially that is when your planning to present a certain  ethnicity the most important thing to do is to research about  it and learn about its culture ,outfits and even how they behave and that a whole another point !. so the easiest thing to be done is open your search engine and findout it probably won’t take a minute unless movie directors wants to deliver a certain message.
the next thing is how people who watch these movies will presive arab man  no wonder why everyone think that arab men are primative men who don’t shower with long untidy beard  wondering around and being hostile to everyone or even riding the camels  and having a big fortune but who else to blame other than the media !


Pepsi Ad the super bowl

Then comes how arab men behave , in hollywood movies escpically  the typical arab man is very hostile toward people and is ready to make a fight at any time and people in the movies look at them as a possible terrorist.

So no answer is needed why people draw this image in thier minds .

Finally If your a movie director and ready to have an arab man look in your movie heres a list of not all arab men are
1. not all arab men wear like alaadin
2.not all arab men are rich and no they don’t use camels
3.not all arab men are hostile just as not all English men are cold
4.not all arab men grow untidy bears
5.not all arab men are hostile !

Finally we need to build a good sincere image about each ethnicity and present it as it is without deceiving the audience by wrong pictures.

PS: I wanted to point out that i have no problem with hollywood nor bollywood on the contrary i enjoy its movies and I’m a big fan of film industry but this thing i noticed alot in movies and it has to be declared.



9 thoughts on “How Bollywood and Hollywood present the arab man .

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Stereotypes are all around, especially in the movie industry. It is done for effect. To register in the minds of audience, the role being played. e.g. Not all villains in real world, have moustaches to twirl. One might also point out that not all Americans live in Hollywood or similar. There is more poverty in Amerika, than many realize. Not everyone in England lives in a cottage or stately manor. Yet watch a movie and they all have perfect teeth, etc.

    However, I can feel your frustration. Mostly, I do not care for Hollywood movies. I like French movies, Hindi … although, not mainstream Bollywood. I’ve watched a couple of Moroccan movies, that were very entertaining. If you’re waiting for Hollywood to change? Don’t hold your breath.

    Movies are a form of escapism. Something for the audience to kick back and get lost in the story. Theatre has little in the way of realism. Cheers Jamie.

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      • hirundine608 says:

        Whatever, it must be frustrating?

        As it is, to see how Canadians and English are parodied also. BTW Your title might better be “How Hollywood and Bollywood mis-represent the Arab man? I’m curious to know whether women are similarly mis-represented, in movies, in your eyes?

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      • banbonally says:

        Indeed it is !
        From my point of view arab women are presented in two ways both to serve the movie purpose For instance as i read alot that most arab women are presented as belly dancers ! but for me arab women are presented mainly in hollywood movies as women who are struggling to achive something but can’t because of circumstances and how the arab men abuse them and treat them as maids which also serves the goal of presenting those women’s religion “Islam” as thier biggest obstacle which make people feel sorry for them but at the same time point hatred toward arab men and islam.
        As for the title i felt that this more suitable but appriciate your suggestion.
        As your saying alot fall under the sterotype category.

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      • banbonally says:

        Firstly by people themselves each person should erase this sterotypes and treat each individual as who they are ! as for the movies when they find that the sterotypes doesn’t exist anymore maybe then it will change .

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  2. hirundine608 says:

    Okay, seems reasonable. … Like I said earlier, “don’t hold your breath”. Most people and I mean this quite nicely. Most people do not stop to think, let alone act. They are far too busy with their day. Fundamentally, our tolerance for different people comes from within. It’s either in your personality or it’s not. Looking forward to other posts.

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