Everyone gets crazy after hearing their lover name but lovely ?!

Within 9 hours Lovely song got 1 Million viewers on Youtube , what a record !

the super hit carried the lines main lovely ho gaayain naam tera padh ke ,  the hit is an item song deepika padkoune as Mohini ( mohini is usually a common name in bollywood for item girls ).

The beginning of the song is probably familiar and you saw the same beginning at the movie tezaab if im not mistaken when madhuri danced and the crowd shouted mohini…mohini this time mohini is deepika and she did a great job at trying to fit in into the role.

deepika’s dazzling golden outfit granted the songdeepika-padukone-lovely3 success but is it enough to beat munni and shiela ? well the answers lays in the dance movements of deepika, Mohini did some belly dancing , pole dancing and some inspired moves from laila !

As you can see the song had everything possible in it whether it was Rap or some arabic lines beside the hindi it appeared more of a remix than an original song !

After all the main point is aren’t we bored of the same case everytime where there’s a killer lady all men strive to have and would die for her and displaying women as object after all thats what item songs are for but it doesn’t prevent us from enjoying them .

The song is pretty catchy you might not like it the first time but will definitely stick in your head and after a couple of listening it will be on your favourite playlist !!


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