GUNDAY movie review !

Bikram and Bala

Bikram and Bala

The combination of Arjun kapoor & Ranveer singh is irresistible especially when the chemistry between both actors penetrates the screen and radiates in the air but is the movie equally amazing ? .

here’s a review and opinion about the movie .

Title: gunday  “outlawers”

director: Ali abbas zafar 

cast : Arjun kapoor and Ranveer singh lead actors

priyanka chopra lead actress and Irrfan khan

Genre : Action-thriller

plot : The movie is about two best friends from childhood with no parents went through the same circumstances both become the most powerful goons of Calcutta.

as the movie goes  on both fall in love with the same woman and the struggle begin to win her heart .

Review :

Gunday discusses the problems that arose  when  the countries separation happened and Bangladesh was born . The conflict of identity was the main struggle for actors both trying to find their  identity as Indians not refugees and when this right is not given to them they become out Lawers  and fight to become the  most powerful goons in calcutta.

The choice of the separation of India and Bangladesh was very smart since most movies choose the case of Pakistan and India and this is a point that makes this movie a little bit different.

When it comes to the acting it’s very convincing that Arjun kapoor and Ranveer singh are good friends, the chemistry between the actors is undeniable as for Priyanka chopra  it is  nothing less but for Irrfan khan  i didn’t find much presence.

PS: the next lines might be movie spoilers !

the plot of the movie reaches it climax when Bala sees Bikram with Nandita after making a promise to not meet her till he returns and in a mattee if seconds the childhood friendship becomes enmity .

and comes the ending which I didn’t like so much since its an open ending where its left for you to decide they are killed by their lover or alive !


Jashn E eshq , Tune mari entriyaan and my favourite Saiyaan

overall  the movie is worth your 152 minutes but you might get a little disappointed by the ending !

that was my first review from bollywood movies my next review would probably be a hollywood movie

all comments and opinions are welcomed .



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