It’s not your religion It’s your tea !

tell me your favourite tea and I’ll tell you who you are.

Fanaticism has been taken to a new level , not religions nor your football team instead it’s your cup of tea.

Are you milking it or not ?.

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3 Steps on How to Make Your Story “Famous” (My Wattpad Diary 3)

freesia lockheart

You have a very nicely written story and you’re 100% confident that you deserve a spot in the What’s Hot List! You’ve read and reread all the stories there and wondered when will it be the time for you to shine. So how do you get there? Well, it’s easy. You only need to do these three steps and you’ll be on your way to Wattpad Stardom. Wait, shouldn’t we be asking skatergirl or kirsty for this one? But for those who asked me how I came out of the world of the unknowns, here’s how.

1. On the upper part of your screen there’s a certain button named “Community”. From the drop down box, you just need to press the button called “Clubs”.

Okay, don’t panic. We’re not heading to doom. It’s not the end of the world (flashback of awful read for read bargain, people ignoring you or…

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Love and hypocrisy in Iran

Very interesting and i can’t agree much !


In Iran, they say, there are two books in every household  – the Koran and Hafez. One is read, the other is not.

To understand this joke you need do no more than join the millions who regularly throng the tomb of Hafez, 14th century poet of Shiraz and Iran’s national hero, as I did one recent afternoon.

Gardens surrounding the Tomb of Hafez, Shiraz Gardens surrounding the Tomb of Hafez, Shiraz

The atmosphere was buzzing, happy and relaxed – Iran at its best.

Day and night the tomb, raised up on a beautifully decorated dais surrounded by its own fragrant rose gardens, water channels and orange trees, is crowded with devotees stroking his alabaster sarcophagus, declaiming his verses, relishing his clever plays on words.

Alabaster sarcophagus of Hafez being stroked in reverence Alabaster sarcophagus of Hafez being stroked in reverence

Hafez represents all the rich complexities of the Iranian identity. His brilliant use of metaphors in their native Farsi language unites them.


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HELLO everyone !

Its the new year 2015 and I’m finally doing what i always wanted to do, movie reviews or film criticism .

first of all I’m a college student and a dermatologist in future aiming to build my own clinic , I love movies both Hollywood and Bollywood and  I enjoy watching and commenting so I decided why not make movie reviews and here I am , beside I love writing so I combined both my passions .

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